Ann Flagella

Ann Flagella

Ann Flagella, an outstanding tour manager and talent agent, has worked with some of the most well-known characters in stand-up comedy during her career. Her clientele like her because she gives her whole attention to their entire career and traveling success. She has also developed a good business acumen, which she uses in all of her endeavors.

Ann Flagella has a long and distinguished career as a manager of high-profile comedy tours and acts. She co-produced 'Dungeons & Dragons: The Movie,' in which she appeared as Snails with Marlon Wayans. Her IMDB profile also includes a number of other projects. Her later work as a talent manager and business manager, on the other hand, demonstrates her love of comedy and humorous performers. Her clients' success, on the other hand, is a severe issue. 

Ann Flagella got her start in the entertainment world as a tour manager and talent scout. She was able to build a unique viewpoint on how to make a tour a resounding success by working closely with Eddie Griffin and Butch Brady. This allows the performer to focus on their performance rather than the technicalities of putting it together. When she isn't working on a single performance, she collaborates with production managers and venue personnel to ensure that everything runs well for all future shows.

Many of Ann Flagella's innovative ventures have shown her skills and resourcefulness. She is a business manager and operational leader with over 20 years of experience in the entertainment sector. Many of her clients have benefited from her management style and competence during the course of her career. Executive Producer, Talent Manager, Director, and Tour Manager are among the opportunities available.

Ann has worked with many well-known celebrities, including Dane Cook, Eddie Griffin, and Butch Bradley (direct clients), Kevin Hart, David Chappelle, Marlon Wayans (Dungeons & Dragons movie), Kathy Griffin (Director of Operations for Kathy's production company), Cedric the Entertainer, George Lopez, Charlie Murphy, Tiffany Haddish, and DL Hughley.